Magical Marketing Moments When It Matters Most

Superpower the user-experience, increase satisfaction and retention, create new revenue stream by turning each lead, call or engagement into a powerful opportunity.


Magnitude Values on Autopilot

AI-driven Marketing Intelligence Platform

Creating an entirely new user experience - turning each lead, call or engagement into a powerful opportunity that starts before continues on the call, and maximizes the follow-up. 

Meaningful Engagement

The NEW overlay of any dialer on any site  - turning a mere call into an action-oriented engagement, maximizing ROAS/ROI, and creating a new revenue channel

Lead Capture

Even when the business is closed, Overtok analyzes intent, creates engagement, sales and upsell, while turning an anonymous lead into an engaged or potential customer

using overtok app.png
using overtok

15% Conversion

Interaction to action

50% Saved Budget

Cut lead's price

-8% Churn Rate

Reduce customer's churn


Welcome to the Age of Overtok

“In the Moment” Marketing - Finding that “magic moment”, where customers are most likely to engage with your brand can make all the difference.
Personalization is a MUST
and consumers expect brands to go the extra mile, anticipating their needs based on previous interactions.  



Unique Customer Journey

A COMPLETELY new type of customer engagement and user experience based on the most popular and effective type of communication

Never Before Accesible Data

Analyzing and consolidating broad information with laser precision. Access to never-before known data - opening up a massive opportunity to broaden the funnel and increase conversions


Advanced technology, unique solution disrupting the existing target market alternatives




Eyal Bechor  |  Director at Zap Group

“We chose Overtok to better engage with our most valuable visitors at the most important time of their journey. Overtok helped us collect new layers of
data and convert our traffic into smart money”


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